• Anemomind, the intelligent memory of your boat

    By accumulating the navigation data, the Anemomind solution capitalizes on the history of the boat. The more the system records data, the more it will be able to provide relevant information. For example, the system calculates VMG statistics to provide target speeds of upwind or downwind, to skippers, without the need for VPP.

  • Anemomind measures your navigation performance

    Improve yourself! Our server receives all data from the on-board instruments and uses them to transmit your performance in real time. Note that in our next updates, our solution will take currents into account.

  • Anemomind to share your sailings with your friends

    Allowing sailors and their families and friends to share their nautical experiences via social networks (Facebook, Google+, Twitter …).

A 3 in 1 solution to sail faster


collects raw data from your boat instruments and analyze them to provide you live information about your navigation and give you advices to improve your performance.


offers you the solution to check your performance through various page as Home (to synchronize data), Performance (to consult navigation data in real-time)


gives you a complete online access to your navigation data to improve your next challenges, to share your pictures and notes

It’s really helpful, I can see how much I’m pushing my boat.

Alan Roura
Alan Roura 2016 Vendee Globe finisher

I couldn’t think it would be so easy to find the perfect data and get them analyse in real-time or even reuse them for debriefing.

Marc Stern
Marc SternVice world champion, 8mR

Finally, a solution I always dreamt of as a sailing coach. It has all the features I require and more !

Patrick Huguenin
Patrick HugueninProfessional sailing coach
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