Anemomind wins the International Create Challenge 2014!

The Anemomind team received yesterday the 2nd prize of 5’000.- CHF for its participation to the International Create Challenge 2014, at IDIAP, Martigny.

The prize rewards the efforts of the Anemomind team who has been working intensively during three weeks on the project. Financial forecasts, pitches, manufacturing planification, user interface design, and core algorithm developments are examples of tasks carried out by Julien Pilet, Marc-André Eggimann and Jonas Östlund in Martigny. The team showed an amazing efficiency and motivation. The project gained a lot in maturity. Although only a small part is visible for the moment, what is coming is incredible.

The International Create Challenge prize is only the beginning. The Anemomind team will continue its efforts in designing and producing great sailing products and services.

ICC was awesome. Thanks to all our friends and to all our supporters!