The Anemomind Mobile App

Automatic data transfer

No need to manupulate an SD card or plug a cable to retrieve the data from your data logger, the mobile application seamlessly handles data transfer for you !

Real-time visualization

Your real-time performance and true wind information available at a glance.

Rich logbook

Take notes such as pictures, text and videos and they will be synchronised with your onboard instruments. But you can do much more : replay your races, analyse wind shifts and visualise your manoeuvres.

Real-time performance indicator

Sailing at your optimal VMG as never been so easy. Anemomind computes all your boat’s data and constantly analyse many information as wind speed and direction. No more guessing, you instantly know how fast you are sailing and you can finally take decisions based on empirical metrics.

Share your sailing sessions

Either for bragging or for some serious replay training, you have the ability to share not only the race, but the whole story that reads with it. This includes, you GPS path, calibrated information form your sensors, notes taken with your mobile phone, and semantic analysis inferred by our algorithms.


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