I make you sail faster.

Knowing your performance in real-time will definitely help you improve your trimmings and tacking decisions.

I handle calibration tasks.

Our smart algorithms learn about your boat and automatically correct information coming from your onboard wind sensor to give you the most accurate information.

I help to improve your skills.

Improve your skills and understand the boat’s behaviour by debriefing your sailing session. Our replay tool lets you visualize key metrics based on your time and position.

I share your story.

Brag about your recent sailing session by sharing it with friends. All notes taken with our iphone app are displayed along with the geographical path.

Sailing Intelligence

Our solution combines embedded hardware with cloud-based data-mining algorithms. We provide sailors with some of the most advanced artificial intelligence technologies to improve their performance.

Key features

Real-time Performance Diagnostic

Thanks to complex data mining algorithms, we provide a constantly updated performance indicator.

Automatic Calibration

Raw data coming from your onboard sensors is automatically calibrated with swiss precision !

Visualization Sharing

Replay the regatta with your team to understand critical success factors.

Social network

The Anemomind web app lets you share your races with your team mates. You can discuss and comment about race events.

Patrick Huguenin

Enfin, une solution à laquelle j'ai toujours rêvé en tant qu'entraîneur de voile. Il a toutes les fonctionnalités dont j'ai besoin et plus encore !

Patrick HugueninCoach de voile professionnelCoaching régate
Marc Stern

I couldn’t think it would be so easy to find the perfect data and get them analyse in real-time or even reuse them for debriefing.

Marc SternVice champion du monde de 8mR
Alan Roura

It’s really helpful, I can see how much I’m pushing my boat.

Alan RouraParticipant to the route du Rhum, beta tester
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