• I am Anemomind

    I automatically compute accurate true wind and performance metrics customized to your boat.

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  • Faster

    Knowing your performance in real-time will definitely help you improve your trimmings and tacking decisions.

  • Smarter

    Benefit from the absolute swiss precision. Our algorithms learn about your boat and automatically correct information coming from your wind sensor even if it is not calibrated.

  • Better

    Improve your skills and understand the boat’s behaviour by debriefing your sailing session. Our replay tool lets you visualize key metrics based on your time and position.

  • Louder

    Communicate about your recent sailing session by sharing the whole picture with your friends.

The Product

We have developed a high performance, low power, smart data logger that connects to any NMEA 0183 or 2000 equipment. Patent pending algorithms crunch the data and provides meaningful information such as real-time performance percentage.


The Anemobox is IP68 waterproof. It contains a dual-core intel processor, many sensors wireless connectivity.


The free iPhone app acts as a gateway to transfer data from the box to the cloud. Moreover, it displays live sailing information during the regatta.


NMEA 0183 or 2000 connectivity to gather data from all existing onboard sensors

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