Technical Team

Julien is the project leader. He has a solid knowledge of all technical aspects regarding the products. Electronics, algorithms, HTML5 web sites – he is experienced in all of these fields. Julien studied computer science at EPFL where he also obtained a PhD in computer vision. Julien did a post-doc in Japan for two years. Google hired him to work on a search-by-image feature in Zurich. After two years, he left Google to start his own company.

Jonas is our algorithm master. He creates many of our advanced data-mining algorithms, using state-of-the-art numerical computation and optimization. Jonas has a broad background from his studies in computer science at Linköping University, and completed a master’s project at EPFL where he then continued as a scientific assistant in computer vision for a few years, acquiring important experience that he is now putting to good use in the Anemomind project.

Xavier is our fast prototyper. He codes, designs, solders, glues and drills faster than his shadow.
Xavier obtained a PhD at EPFL in 2000 and founded his own company: TheFabric Physical Computing. Since then, he has worked for several companies, institutions and individuals to develop innovative interactive systems.

Business Team

Marc-André is in charge of revealing innovative and attractive product features, value proposition and business models that fit market opportunities.
Marc-André is also actively involved in the world of sailing racers.
He studied mechanics at EPFL and has a PhD degree in automatic control. He worked several years for Michelin where he was in charge of developing radically new products, new process and new businesses. Today, he runs a consulting business, assisting companies developing innovative products.

Marc is in charge of Anemomind accountancy and business. He is involved as a swiss sailing racer on TeamWork M2. He studied at HEC Lausanne.

Benedicte is in charge of the Anemomind marketing and communication. She studied at ESG Rennes Business school where she obtained a Master degree in International Marketing. Passionate of sailing since her childhood, Benedicte is a sailing instructor too.

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