Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to purchase separately the Anemobox, the App and a yearly Cloud Service?

No, the Anemobox, the application and the cloud service come in an All-in-One pack. Furthermore, the cloud service comes with a free one year subscription and is not automatically renewed at the end of the first contract.

Is my current equipment compatible with the Anemobox ?

Yes, if your onboard equipment is using the standard NMEA0183 or NMEA2K specification, it is compatible with the Anemobox.

What if I don’t have any electronics on my boat ?

The Anemobox can be used without any other electronic equipment as it embedded a GPS, an Inertial Measurement Unit (9-dof IMU), a barometer and a compass. You only need a 12V battery on your boat.

Taking pictures or videos and linking them to your boat tracks still work perfectly. COG, SOG, HEEL, Pressure etc. will be used on data monitors. However, an additional wind sensor (connected by bluetooth for instance) is required if you want to have real-time performance information. Such device will soon be available on our shop.

Do I need to manually calibrate my sensors ?

No, with our solution you don’t need to handle the tedious calibration task again. The data generated by your onboard sensors is automatically recorded and sent online to our algorithms in order to learn about your boat’s behaviour. The more you sail, the more precise the wind information gets.

I already have a GPS antenna on my boat, can I connect it to the Anemobox ?

You can use an external GPS receiver if it is compatible with either NMEA 0183 or NMEA 2000.

Can I get the real-time information without using a smartphone or tablet ?

Unfortunately, for the moment you can only get the real-time information on your smartphone or tablet. We are working on alternatives. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed.

Does the Anemobox come with a subscription to the cloud service ?

Yes, when you buy the Anemobox, you get one free year of membership to the cloud service ! After one year the membership stops and is not automatically renewed.

Can I use multiple smartphones to see real-time information ?

Yes, the Anemobox can broadcast real-time information to multiple smartphones at the same time.

What kind of notes can I take while I am sailing ?

Currently you can record:

  • pictures
  • text
  • sail changes
  • tops (specific notification at a precise moment during your navigation)

Soon, you will be able to record:

  • videos
  • drawings (with your finger on the smartphone and tablet application)

These notes are stamped with the exact time and position so you know exactly when and where they were taken along the GPS track.

What is this performance information and how is it calculated ?

The performance information is based on your target VMG (Velocity Made Good): the maximum speed you could achieve under the current wind conditions. The performance information is the ratio between your current speed based and the maximum theoretic speed.

For the moment, this information is only available when sailing upwind. We are working on implementing Polar construction. Polars can be used to determine the best point of sail not only up and down wind, but in any direction.

What’s the energy consumption of the Anemombox ?

The typical power consumption of the Anemobox is 0.12 amp at 12V.

Does it work with 12V and 24V batteries ?

Yes, the Anemombox is compatible with both 12V and 24V batteries. It includes all necessary components to handle large tension variations between 9V and 36V.

What kind of connectors do I need ?

We provide all required connectors for both NMEA0183 and NMEA2K.

Will I get a routing polar from the system ?

No, for the moment, the Anemobox is not yet capable of outputting the routing polar. Further development will made this option available for every user.

Where should I mount the Anemobox ?

You should attach it near your battery, in a safe and unobtrusive place.

Can I use outputs from Anemobox to feed tacktick custom pages ?

It is doable but not yet automated in our solution. Please contact us so we can help you in this task.

Can I get the data generated by the Anemobox on my pebble ?

This functionality is not implemented yet. Please let us know if you would like to see real-time information on your pebble.