Anemomind, a sale process asset

Share with your potential customers, the results and performance of their navigation test. Offer them your usual product leaflet and surprise them with a complete report of their test navigation data.

Anemomind, a communication tool

Are you missing content and want to upgrade your nautic community? Anemomind offers you the opportunity to create challenges and allows your customers to share their experience of navigation on social networks. No need to find content to feed your social networks, customers equipped with an anemomind do it for you.

New: The white label solution that allows you to offer your customers an app to your colors and branded to your image !

Anemomind, to the service of sailboat conception

Improve your sailboats with feedback from users via their sharing on social networks and get statistics on the use of your sailboats.

Anemomind, to target new market segments

At a time when IoT and smartphones have taken a significant place in our lives, it’s important to position ourselves with a connected offer to attract a clientele fond of new technologies.

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